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Coaching Young People under 18

The increase in anxiety and mental health issues amongst young people is something well documented in the media and something I have witnessed first hand as a teacher.  Academic and social pressure alongside the exhausting physical changes the body and mind are going through can lead to young people losing their sense of joy and happiness in life.  

The teenage years are some of the most informative yet confusing years of  life and being able to navigate them with confidence and self awareness not only makes life easier now but also establishes great patterns for managing your happiness and well being in adult life too.  With so many messages about expectations of how we should look, feel and behave young people often lack the confidence to be themselves and the self esteem to know they are the truly amazing people they are.

I use a range of mindset, mindfulness and confidence coaching tools to help young people find their happiness again and to see the amazing things they have to offer the world.  Sessions with young people last for around 45 minutes and take place over Zoom or similar online platform.  Email support is also available outside of sessions.  

I have an enhanced DBS for working with young people .  However,  I do also encourage parents and carers to be involved in sessions if they think it's appropriate.

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