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Mum of KR under 18

'K has started to smile; she has started to like herself a little more and this makes her smile inside.'

'For K this looks like freedom.  For me as mum, it looks like relief.'


Self employed 

'I  realised that I needed to work on my boundaries and became ok with saying no.'

'I like myself for the first time...Ali is excellent value for money.  It's your life and you're worth it.'  


Property Owner

Working with Ali has been invaluable.  She came at a time when I needed support.  She has been life changing at a time I couldn't see my way through my difficulties.

Workshop Training

' I found the content really interesting. As an optimist I now understand why others aren't.  I have used some of the tools learned with people I support.'

FS Singer & business owner

'I was struggling with anxiety and worrying about everything. I now know how to deal with my help me get on with my life.  I use the tools I have learned with Ali and I am  braver. I now  go out there and do the things I want to.  I came off my medications because right now I'm doing really well and don't need them.'

ST Education

Middle Leader

Having been referred to several different CBT sessions over the course of 8 years I found that nothing was really sticking. I'd always get myself back to square one and forget what I had learned.

I decided to contact Alison as I knew something had to change.  I didn't want to be on anxiety medication for the rest of my life.

I met Ali weekly in a hotel bar near where I lived. It was a place I felt calm, relaxed and open to talk.  I was shocked at how much ground we covered. I realised we  were working on feelings and not events and that was why we could cover so much ground.

After being in therapy for 8 years in my past I had not discussed issues in my past that were shaping how I felt about myself.  I had always thought it would be too painful. I learned to remove the negativity, to forgive myself and others. I learned techniques I can use all the time to help me.

The best part was that Ali was on the end of the phone as and when I needed. I didn't have to wait for our appointment.  Also using Whatsapp I could send a voice note at work and I didn't have to wait days to get advice. I dealt with the problems as they arose.

In 12 weeks I felt empowered enough and strong enough to go it alone.  I have had a refresh session when I needed it.

I only wish I had this years ago! It was the best money I ever spent on myself and my family.

LD Personal Trainer

  When I started working with Ali, I was struggling with OCD, anxiety and overthinking and they were having a huge impact on my life.  I no longer have OCD and I now recognise that not all change is bad or scary. Today, everything is loads better. Even when the sessions felt tough exploring emotions, I always managed to smile by the end. I would recommend working with Ali, she doesn’t judge you and is very good at listening. She is understanding and in tough sessions she chats in a thoughtful and friendly manner – you never feel intimidated. She is very supportive, knowledgeable and encouraging – I’m glad I got to work with her.

Young Person Workshop Attendee 

It was really useful learning how the mind works and why I react as I do.  I liked that Ali shared her own experiences.  It is useful to know that adults have to work at things too.  I learned some new ways of thinking about life and some easy breathing techniques that can help me when I'm stressed.

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