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Finding Balance in 2022

As we head in to the start of a new year it is easy to slip into the mindset of ‘New Year, New Me’ and hurtle into a harsh regime that isn’t sustainable and probably isn’t very nurturing either.

You won’t be alone in this mindset as the advent of a new year leaves many of us looking at what went well last year and what we would like to change in the next. As a life coach I am 100% about self development and growth so why am I writing a blog about being cautious around change?

It’s more about being cautious about what you want to change and why? Plus not trying to change too much too quickly. Why?

Well to truly develop and grow, the changes we make in life need to be empowering and come from a place of self compassion not self loathing. They need to come from within you not from how you think you should be or other’s ideas for you. Finally, they need to be something you are willing to push through the discomfort barrier to achieve because discomfort will come and in bucket loads! My advice to you when you stare the arrival of 2022 square in the face, when the endless ideas of what you can do to achieve x, y and z slip into your mind, ask yourself…

1) What’s my motivation? What do I hope this change will bring for me?

2) What feelings do I hope this change will achieve?

3) What feelings am I trying to get away from by making this change?

4)Is this change going to benefit and nurture me or can I look elsewhere to find these feelings?

5) How can I make it achievable, sustainable and nurturing?

Then prioritise where you’ll start making sure you’re not trying to do it all at once. Why? Read my blog about change to find out why too much change is pretty much a guarantee for failure.

To find out more about how coaching can help you identify and achieve your goals, shift limiting beliefs, quieten your inner critic, shine a light on imposter syndrome and everything else we carry that holds us back and limits our success, contact me for a no obligation chat on or

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