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About Ali 

For coaching to be truly effective it's vital that a relationship of like and trust is developed between me the coach and you the coachee.  I think it's useful for the people I work with to know a bit about me and how and why I decided to become a coach.  Read on below to find out more...

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My Story

Having worked in secondary education in the UK for 22 years, I have seen and experienced first hand the levels of stress and overwhelm juggling a busy pressured work environment and life brings.   In 2018 I realised I needed to do something in my own life for my well being.  On paper I had a nice life but my feelings didn't match that.  I wasn't unhappy but equally I couldn't tell you when I had felt real happiness for a long time.  I was stressed, exhausted and knew I needed things to change but didn't know what or how.

 I started working with a coach myself and soon I realised I was spending most of my time 'miles away' lost in my thoughts; desperately trying to control everything and cover all bases.   It was making me exhausted. From the outside looking in; I was Ali- reliable, mega organised and in control of everything going on at home and work. In reality I was exhausted from overworking and overthinking.  Having experienced the truly life changing transformation working with a coach had for me, I knew I had found my new passion in life for helping others have the same life changing transformations.  

I embarked on years of study in mindset coaching, ICF accredited integrative coaching, mindfulness and meditation.  Having spent years in education, I am a true advocate of life long learning and am passionate about my continued professional development.  I regularly complete CPD in all areas of my work as well as participating in group mentoring sessions with other coaches.  Whether you choose to work with me or another coach, I highly recommend you ask them what do they do, ongoing, for their self growth and development.  


Practical, achievable and value for money...

 I live in the real world and pride myself on the fact that everything I offer is practical, achievable and excellent value for money. I know the reality of juggling work, family and all life throws at us. I have worked with people from all walks of life and ages from school children to retired adults. I work one to one with clients, offer small group coaching, workshop style training and workplace packages. Everything I offer can be bespoke to the client so if you have an idea that doesn’t fit what you have read here, get in touch and let’s work together to make it a reality.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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