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Befriending your inner critic and end procrastination, perfectionism and people pleasing.
Free online workshop
Sun April 2nd 10.30-12 

Befriending your Inner Critic Free Workshop

Most of us have that voice in our head that narrates all that we do.  The one that notices and comments harshly on everything from the way you look in the mirror to that conversation you had with colleague at work.  That voice is your inner critic and the subject of this workshop.

Our inner critic is formed throughout life. Over time its voice gets louder and more unkind to the point that it limits the things we do and fuels unhelpful habits like perfectionism, people pleasing and procrastination.

In this workshop I will share what the inner critic is, why it exists, how it's formed and why it is so important to befriend it rather than battle it.  You'll have chance to explore how and where your inner critic comes into play in your life and learn tools to befriend it.  We'll also explore the 3 Ps - perfectionism, procrastination and people pleasing and how these link to your inner critic as well as learning some tools to change these habits.

What others have said about this workshop...

'I've always known my self talk wasn't helpful but never knew why I couldn't stop it.  I have some tools to practice now to get me started.'

Really interesting explanation of why we have this voice in our head.  Ali is very knowledgeable and talks in an easy and accessible way.

I always procrastinate and get really cross about it.  I know see why I do it and how I can stop.

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