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What is Mindset Coaching?

Coaching is becoming more and more popular in the UK, year on year, and the array of things you can be coached in is vast.  It's therefore really important to find the type of coaching that works for you and your needs.

Mindset coaching explores how your thoughts, autopilot responses and core beliefs shape the way you interact and respond to the world you are in.  Much of what we do each day is habitual; so automatic that we have reacted before we've even been fully aware of the thought or emotion that has triggered a response.  Through mindset coaching I offer a range of  tools to bring awareness to your patterns and to re-frame those that no longer support your wellbeing or the person you are today.

Many of the adults and young people I coach come for support around stress and anxiety.  For many, they are at a point of surviving and want support and tools to help them thrive again.  

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What's Involved?

As I said earlier checking that coaching is right for you is vitally important.  For coaching to be truly successful we need to be a good fit for each other.  That's why, before anything else, I offer a complimentary awareness session, around 45 mins for adults and 30 minutes for young people.  In the awareness session we will chat informally about why you have considered coaching, what I offer, how it can support you and just get a general feel for whether working with me feels right and comfortable for you.  At the end of the session I will discuss how to move forward if you wish to work with me and then leave you to decide.

No hard sell- I'm passionate about this and want you to work with me through choice not feeling pushed into it or awkward about saying 'Thanks but it's not for me.'

What happens next?

If you decide to work with me then this is how it might look going forward- I offer set packages but the content is bespoke to you and your needs. Depending on the package you opt for, it may look something like this...

- Weekly 1 hour coaching sessions, booked at a time to suit you, where we explore and dig deeper into the things that are impacting on your life.  

- After each session you will be given a focus for you to consider/ work with in the week ahead.  This may be something like taking note of your thoughts, feelings and actions in certain situations. I live in the real world and promise these tasks will fit into busy lives without adding to the stress!

-A range of supportive written materials and resources will be shared with you.  These build up to create your personal toolkit for future reference.

- Whatsapp support between sessions so we can deal with those moments where you're not quite sure what to do, there and then.  This is what makes my coaching different to many other modalities.  I strongly believe that putting tools into practise right when they're needed is far more effective than discussing them in a coaching session a week later.  Through taking action at the time it is needed you learn to use the tools and see their effectiveness immediately.


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